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Damon Vampire Diaries

- Bailey Crain hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. - Ian Somerhalder, wow!! Those eyes <3 Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries. Damon stirbt Beide hatten noch Katherines Blut in ihren Körper, wodurch sie nach einigen Stunden als Vampire wieder erwachten. Damon war früher als Stefan.

Vampire Diaries

Damon bringt noch jede Menge Ärger mit sich, ist aber dennoch an Elena interessiert. Stefan plant mehrmals im Laufe der Staffel Damon umzubringen, vor allem. Das ist die Beziehung zwischen dem Menschen Elena Gilbert und dem Vampir Damon Salvatore. Ihre. - Ian Somerhalder, wow!! Those eyes <3 Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries.

Damon Vampire Diaries Vampire Diaries ending explained Video

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Log in. New Post Post Image. Add From URL. Get the Heart Button. Add button to my site. Learn more Got it! Down 27 this week. Ian Somerhalder was born and raised in the small southern town of Covington, Louisiana.

He has Cajun French , English, and Scots-Irish ancestry. Boating, swimming, fishing and training horses filled much of his recreational time Born: December 8 , in Covington, Louisiana, USA.

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Retrieved July 6, Archived from the original on February 10, Retrieved February 9, Damon has decided to leave town, but through the early episodes of Season 4 seems to be looking for reasons to stay.

Meredith Fell seems to be one who convinces him in ' The Rager ' to stay to help Elena with her transition to Vampire. Indeed, a renewed conflict over ideology and what sort of Vampire Elena will become drives, Damon and Stefan, apart.

The Five , shows Damon tasking Stefan with learning more about the Vampire Hunter, Connor while Damon decides to accompany both Bonnie and Elena to College.

This trip is ostensibly about teaching Elena the 'hunt': how to catch, feed and erase. After some initial problems, Elena has a Frat Party who gets success and seems to enjoy herself causing friction with Bonnie.

She leaves the party and later states that she does not want to be like Damon. In the next episode , she begins to believe that Stefan is lying to her and takes things into her own hands to kill the vampire hunter who is holding her brother, Matt, and April captive.

She does and begins to suffer from hallucinations at the end of the episode. After asking Stefan why he wants to cure Elena, Damon tells him that he loves Elena as a vampire or human.

In the episode ' We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes ', Damon helps Elena in dealing with her hallucinations and saves her from committing suicide. He also helps uncover the mystery about the hunter's curse with the help of Bonnie and Professor Shane.

At the end of the episode, he reveals the truth about the cure to Elena and explains how Stefan has been lying to her only to find this possible cure for vampirism.

However, Elena breaks up with Stefan at the end of the episode after confessing her gradually growing feelings for Damon.

In the following episode " My Brother's Keeper ", Elena tells Damon he is the reason she and Stefan broke up and at the end of the episode Damon and Elena finally have sex.

After that it turns out Elena is sired with Damon, first they think it is the reason why Elena loves Damon, but in the episode " We'll Always Have Bourbon Street " they found out that it only affects how a person acts, not how they feel.

The sire-bond can only be broken when Damon leaves Elena and tells her to stop caring about him according to a witch in New Orleans named Nandi.

In the following episode Damon goes with Elena to her family's lake house to help with Jeremy's Hunter instincts. In the episode Elena tries to act like a couple with Damon, but he refuses to even kiss her out of his guilt about the sire bond and worry that he is taking advantage of her.

At the end of the episode Damon invokes the sire bond telling Elena to return to Mystic Falls while he trains Jeremy " O Come, All Ye Faithful ".

Elena kisses him goodbye. In ' After School Special ', Damon is at the Lake House training Jeremy, along with Matt Donovan.

Klaus shows up and threatens Damon, wanting him to get Jeremy's mark completed earlier rather than later. Damon is shown to be reluctant, not wanting to hurt innocents for Elena's sake, but Klaus follows through with his plans regardless.

Later in the episode Elena calls Damon and confesses she is in love with him and it is the "most real thing she's ever felt in her entire life", in a moment of weakness Damon tells her to come to see him.

Afterward Damon is confronted with a bar of newly turned vampires for Jeremy to kill concedes that it is the quickest way, however, balks when Klaus takes control and compels the newly turned vamps to kill Matt Donovan.

In Catch Me If You Can Damon tells the boys to run since Jeremy is not ready to take on all these vampires. Later when Elena arrives her and Damon argue over the killing of innocents and tells her to take Matt home while he and Jeremy take care of Klaus's newly turned vampires.

Kol compels Damon to stake himself and later to kill Jeremy and to forget what Kol compelled him to do. Upon arriving back in Mystic Falls Damon begins to seek out Jeremy due to the compulsion, however, when he sees him in the grill he realizes what Kol compelled him to do and tells Jeremy to run.

Damon chases Jeremy throughout Mystic Falls and advises Jeremy that he is compelled and he needs to kill him. Jeremy shoots Damon in the head and when Damon awakens later starts cursing the youngest Gilbert, calling him stupid for not killing him.

At the end of the episode Damon catches up with Jeremy Elena follows and urges Damon to fight it because "You love me and I love you", but he tells her that he cannot, falls to his knees and urges Jeremy to kill him.

Stefan shows up just in time to break Damon's neck and lock him up until they can take care of Kol.

Damon spends the next episode locked up and bled dry by a jealous and snarky Stefan and engages in a conversation with Klaus about Caroline, Rebekah, and Elena.

When the group goes to the mysterious island to find the Cure, Damon continues to be suspicious of Professor Shane.

When Jeremy goes missing and Bonnie and Shane stay behind to try a locator spell, Damon stays to keep an eye on Shane.

He later begins torturing Shane for information, but Shane starts analyzing Damon and telling him Elena will go back to Stefan once she is cured. Elena interrupts the torture session and Damon storms out and Elena follows.

Afterward he is captured by Vaughn, another member of the Five, who tortures Damon and leads him around with a noose around his neck. Damon goes with Vaughn to the cavern close to where Silas is buried and eventually overpowers him, but not before Vaughn injures Rebekah.

Elena and Stefan come across the injured Damon and Rebekah, Stefan stays while Elena rushes to find Jeremy.

Damon urges Stefan to go get the cure for Elena, uncaring that there is only enough for one because he wants it for the girl he loves.

After Stefan leaves Rebekah comments that Damon did something selfless and remarks that he will always love Elena. An exhausted Damon admits that he cannot control everything and is tired.

After Katherine kills Jeremy in 'Down the Rabbit Hole' Damon stays behind determined to find the missing Bonnie, telling Stefan he cannot come home without her.

Eventually he finds Bonnie, hugging her in relief, but when the two arrive back in Mystic Falls in informs Stefan Bonnie has lost her mind.

Elena, who had been in denial about Jeremy's death, comes into reality and demands Damon bring Jeremy's body downstairs.

When Elena starts breaking down Stefan urges Damon to help her, indicating he should invoke the sire bond to take away her pain, however, instead Damon tells Elena to shut off her emotions.

In the next episode Damon begins trying to track Katherine in order to find the cure while Rebekah attempts to tag along.

He finds an old friend from his past, Will, dying from a werewolf bite and kills him out of mercy. He arrives back home just in time to stop Elena from killing Caroline and takes her with to New York.

While in NY Damon begins investigating Katherine's whereabouts and tries to keep that he is looking for the cure from Elena. Elena finds out and attempts to play him all the while Damon tells her and Rebekah about his time here in the s.

He admits that he had his emotions off and Lexi had come to help him on Stefan's behalf, however, he tricks her into believing he fell in love with her only to leave her trapped on the roof during the day as revenge.

He reveals that the reason he killed Lexi in season one was out of the guilt she stirred in him. Elena kisses Damon and attempts to steal Katherine's address out of his pocket, however, Damon was aware she was trying to play him the entire time and attempts to convince her to turn her emotions back on.

Rebekah shows up and snaps his neck. He then calls Stefan and the brothers attempt to track down Elena. The decision to give up on the cure after Elena kills a waitress and threatens to kill people.

In 'Pictures of You' Damon, along with Stefan, decide they are going to try making Elena turn her emotions back on. The Salvatore brothers decide to take Elena to the prom, where Damon asks Elena why she told him she was in love with him and it is the most real thing she ever felt.

Elena tells Damon that she only said it because of the sire bond and she feels nothing for him. However, later when Bonnie nearly kills Elena, she cries out for Damon to help her and he locks her up in the Salvatore basement.

Damon then manipulates Elena's dreams in an attempt to remind how much she loves her friends in family, however when it does not work the Salvatore brothers per Stefan's advice try torturing Elena to get her to feel emotion.

Elena however calls their bluff and attempts to kill herself, knowing Damon would never really hurt her and let her die. Damon realizes that Elena is smart and that torture will not work.

After Katherine frees Elena Damon comes up with a plan, killing Matt in front of her while he wore the Gilbert ring and it works to get Elena's emotions back on.

When Elena focuses her hate on Katherine Damon tells Elena where Katherine is but tells her she should not try and kill her.

Elena stakes Damon in the stomach when he attempts to stop her. In the season finale 'Graduation', he tries to give the cure to Elena, but Elena refuses, which tells him that there is no more sire bond.

He gets shot by Vaughn with a bullet laced with werewolf venom, and almost dies, but Klaus comes back to Mystic Falls and saves him.

At the end of the episode, Elena proclaims her love for him stating that of all the decisions she has made choosing him will prove to be the worse one.

Not aware of Stefan's absence and Bonnie's death, Damon and Elena are having the time of their lives before Elena leaves for Whitmore college which is away from mystic falls, leaving Damon with her brother Jeremy.

College brings a lot of ups and downs to the on-screen romance. Katherine begs Damon to protect her as she feels someone is after her, Damon by the help of Jeremy's vampire hunter instincts that Silas is possessing as Stefan.

Silas gives Damon a crash course on why he looks like Stefan and tells where was he the whole summer, shocked to know about this he starts to search Stefan with the help of Stefan.

Silas mind-controlled Elena to kill Damon but Elena resists it by thinking about her worries for Stefan. Both Elena and Damon, with the help of Sheriff Forbes, find the safe where Stefan was drowning the whole summer, but only to find a dead body.

Due to both Elena and Katherine having the same nightmare of Stefan all three, Damon, Elena, and Katherine search for Stefan.

Damon finally finds Stefan inside a hut where he is tied up in the chair and Qetsiyah makes a link of Stefan with Silas which fries Stefan's brain.

Qetsiyah reveals to Damon that his relationship with Elena is doomed. Damon and Elena take Stefan where both of them find out that he has memory loss and cannot remember anything.

Damon, to make Stefan remember about his past life, gives him his journals and spends quality time with him.

Jeremy tells Damon that Bonnie is dead and Damon finally tells Elena about Bonnie. At Bonnie's funeral, Damon consoles Elena.

Damon wants to help Silas so that Silas can do a spell to swap his life with Bonnie as Silas wants to die. Silas had seen Qetsiyah going to the party therefore both Damon and Silas go to the ball party at Whitmore College.

Silas needs Damon to kill Stefan so that he can get back his power. Stefan, after waking up, tricked Damon and snapped his neck.

At Salvatore's mansion they bring a desiccated Silas, to trade Silas's life with Bonnie he must become mortal witch.

The only way is by the cure so Elena and Damon call Katherine who has the cure in her blood and after she arrives her blood is drained by Silas, but still Katherine lived.

Amara is then awakened and revealed to be the mystic anchor. She then cures herself of her immortality by feeding off Silas.

As soon as Amara is awakened, she wants to die. Because she is the anchor, she can talk, see, and feel the dead as well as the living.

Amara has mental problems and tries numerous attempts to kill herself. In order for Bonnie to be "alive" again, she must swap places with Amara and become the new anchor.

Qetsiyah was doing the spell that made Bonnie the new anchor when Silas shows up and makes the power go out in the whole house Salvatore house. Stefan wants to kill Silas because he locked him in a safe for the whole summer where he repeatedly drowned.

So, when the lights go off, Stefan grabs Amara and goes outside the house. He then calls Silas and tells him to come to get her.

Silas originally wanted to kill Amara anyway so she could find peace. The rest of the group search the whole house to find Amara. Qetsiyah also runs when the lights are off to find Silas.

When she meets up with him, they talk until he runs to Amara. Silas wounds Stefan then starts to slit Amara through because she wants him to.

Stephen grabs the knife and kills Silas then Amara stabs herself. Damon runs to Amara and repeats that she should stay alive and not die. The spell works before Amara dies.

Bonnie comes back alive. At the beginning of season 6, Damon is still trapped in the snapshot with Bonnie, forced to relive the same day over and over again.

As the season progresses, the duo meets Kai Parker who provides them with clues on how to get back home. In a truly selfless act, Bonnie manages to send Damon back while she remains in with Kai.

The Vampire Diaries. An exhausted Damon admits that he cannot control everything and is tired. Damon saves Bonnie's life and they go to the Salvatore boarding house to say their goodbyes to Elena, Bose 321 Serie 2 that they Seitenwechsel Kino allow Bonnie to live her life, and, when she dies, Elena will wake. Throughout his time on The Vampire Diaries, Damon went through more ups and downs than any other character in the show. And there seems to be kind of a running theme with his downs. Most of his worst moments, decisions, and developments were driven by his intense desire to hurt those who have hurt him. Damon Salvatore is one of the two main male protagonists of The Vampire Diaries. Damon was a year-old vampire and distant descendant of Silas. Since his younger brother, Stefan Salvatore, injected him with the Cure, he is now human. He was a major antagonist in the first part of Season One. He was born during the s and lived in the colonial town of Mystic Falls with his brother Stefan. The Vampire Diaries Damon & Stefan Salvatore covers for Iphone 12, 12 pro,11, 11 Pro Max, For Samsung S10 Lite, A40, A50, A51, Huawei P20 pinogridze. From shop. Damon Salvatore was arguably the best character on The Vampire Diaries. The man had so much depth and was always so much fun to watch. Ian Somerhalder played the role so well and gave Damon the charisma that made him so darn likeable. Damon was at times a very dark character, haunted by his past and all of the horrible things he had done. Ian Joseph Somerhalder (born December 8, ) is an American actor, model, activist and director. He is known for playing Boone Carlyle in the TV drama Lost, Damon Salvatore in The CW's supernatural drama The Vampire Diaries and Dr. Luther Swann in Netflix's sci-fi horror series V Wars. Tons of awesome the vampire diaries wallpapers damon to download for free. You can also upload and share your favorite the vampire diaries wallpapers damon. HD wallpapers and background images. 7/28/ · Nina Dobrev article bonnie bennett caroline forbes damon salvatore elena gilbert ian somerhalder love stefan salvatore story the vampire diaries tvd wedding writing. Posted to Vampire Diaries on July 28, 3/2/ · About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators Author: CrunchSweetie

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Damon Vampire Diaries Damon Salvatore ist eine fiktive Figur in L. J. Smiths Romanreihe The Vampire Diaries. Er wird von Ian Somerhalder in der Fernsehserie porträtiert. Damon ist neben Stefan Salvatore einer der Hauptdarsteller, insbesondere in der Hauptrolle der. Damon stirbt Beide hatten noch Katherines Blut in ihren Körper, wodurch sie nach einigen Stunden als Vampire wieder erwachten. Damon war früher als Stefan. Das ist die Beziehung zwischen dem Menschen Elena Gilbert und dem Vampir Damon Salvatore. Ihre. Damon bringt noch jede Menge Ärger mit sich, ist aber dennoch an Elena interessiert. Stefan plant mehrmals im Laufe der Staffel Damon umzubringen, vor allem. Stefan decides to take the human cure from his own veins, making him age faster and eventually, reach death. Later in the episode Elena calls Damon and confesses she is in Next Stream with him and it is the "most real thing she's ever felt in her entire life", in a moment of weakness Damon tells her to come to see Layover Deutsch. In order for Bonnie to be "alive" again, she must swap places with Amara and become the new anchor. Follow user Unfollow user Unfollow collections Cancel. Together with his The The Grudge 4 Stream Deutsch Diaries co-stars Candice Accola and Michael TrevinoSomerhalder supports the It Gets Better Projectwhich makes it a goal to prevent suicide among LGBT youth [22] associated with The Trevor Project. He also tells him that the spell is permanent Punk Film any attempt to find a loophole in the spell will result in the death of both Bonnie and Elena. After 3 years, when Stefan wakes Damon up, Bonnie admits in a medical care centre that Wie Geht Es Weiter Bei Gzsz person whom she loved and admired dearly, abandoned her and didn't Damon Vampire Diaries to even contact her after being back and now she has decided to move on. Press Trust of India. He admits that he had his emotions off and Lexi had come to help him on Stefan's behalf, however, he tricks her into believing he fell in love with her only to leave her trapped on the roof during the day as revenge. Stefan and Bonnie find Damon and Enzo after a Damon Vampire Diaries humanity Enzo gives clues to Bonnie on where they can be found. During Damon's time with Stefan, he starts to remember Elena, getting distracted with his and his brother's job. Star Sign: Sagittarius. Stefan walks out while everyone tries to find peace with the truth. Cast to Watch with Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev.